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Health and Safety Officer


H&S Officer shall be appointed in writing, accountable to the CRE for the safety assurance of the construction and the supervision and monitoring of the HSMP; Be empowered to stop immediately (in terms of the Stop Work Procedure), any work activity on the project where necessary and instruct employees of any Contractor to take urgent action to make safe the site and works to prevent unsafe working practices or other infringements;


  • Monitor the implementation of the HSMP;
  • Compile a ANJV health and safety plan;
  • Advise and train the ANJV Team on the following regarding their activities:
    • Preventing injury to personnel and damage to plant and equipment;
    • Improvement in sound working methods;
    • Legal requirements affecting safety and health,
    • Provision and use of protective clothing;
    • Potential hazards before work starts;
    • Methods of safe systems of work arising from new developments;
    • Changes in legislation and codes of practice;
    • Doing inspections; and
    • Completing PTO's and CTO's.
  • Carry out health and safety audits, inspections, observations and monitoring in terms of an official monthly scoping program, as directed by the H&S Manager, to ensure that the principal contractors HSMP is implemented and maintained on site. 
  • Provide weekly Feedback to the H&S manager on the scoped activities of the previous week by providing completed audit, inspections, observations and monitoring forms
  • Ensure that the principal contractor implements and maintains an effective deviation management program and reports the findings to the CRE;
  • Participate in incident investigations as required by ANJV and TCTA requirements.
  • Supervise the recording and analysis of information on injuries, damage and loss, assess incident trends and review overall safety performances;
  • Assist with training for all levels of employees on health and safety;
  • Prepare H&S training programmes as directed by the CRE;
  • Prepare and update emergency and other H&S procedures in conjunction with the CRE;
  • Check all ANJV work procedures and method statements before they are issued to ensure that health and safety aspects of the operations are covered in accordance with the requirements of the HSMP;
  • Promote awareness of injury prevention and damage control to all levels of employees;
  • Keep up to date with the recommended codes of practice and new safety literature and also circulate information applicable to each level of employee;
  • Keep registers of all first-aiders, competent persons, and examination reports and test certificates;
  • Attend and participate in the H&S Committee meetings;
  • Be responsible for reporting and recording accidents on the applicable registers;
  • Prepare and submit to the CRE a monthly report on all H&S matters. 
  • Ensure that the HSMP and procedures are issued in accordance with document control procedures and is updated as necessary;
  • Maintain safety information boards at suitable locations on which will be displayed the up-to-date H&S information, statistics, safety posters and other relevant information; and
  • Issue non-conformance reports for serious irregularities observed on site.
  • Ensure that periodic test, inspections and maintenance on plant and machinery are carried out;
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